• High quality craftsmanship from design to production to installation.

  • Anything that touches the floor is either plywood or solid wood (toe kicks, fridge gables, end gables, etc.), to make more water durable.

  • 3/4″ thick, minimum, fridge gables and plant-ons.  

  • Fillers are used only where necessary in corners and against walls – all custom size cabinets means we don’t have to use fillers very often.

  • Sink cabinet bottom shelves are plywood and laminated for water durability.

  • We use high quality hardware, every time.

  • We meet the builder/general and other trades on site to ensure each project is laid out accurately.

  • Finishing:  We hand-sand each piece and use custom stains that are spray and wipe, solvent-based product.  This creates a durable, high quality finish and ensures colour pigment reaches all the cracks and crevices.    

  • Custom options:  We can build nearly anything a customer imagines or desires, creatively sourcing materials and meeting customers needs and expectations.