Massey Cabinetry would love to meet customers via Zoom during this time.  Many people will have time to think about their homes as they spend more time in them.  If you are considering a new build or renovation and would like to use this time to explore your ideas, you can book a virtual tour of our shop and visit with Troy in real-time.  Share your photos, show Troy the space you are talking about on the screen, and share your dreams with him.  We can discuss your upcoming project and work with you to have your details sorted out when things start to get rolling again.
We are an old fashioned company with splashes of innovation:)!  We are your neighbours building real things in your community.  Massey Cabinetry aims to be here when this all passes and to still be connected to our community, despite this period of isolation.
Sometimes it feels like the whole world has become one big, and the only way to buy something anymore is on the internet, but remember the little businesses around the neighbourhood.  We will require your support more than ever in the future!



Massey Cabinetry provides high quality craftsmanship from design to production to installation for all of your residential cabinets.


Need help designing the cabinets and furniture for your commercial space? You would be amazed at what we can do!




  • High quality craftsmanship from design to production to installation.

  • Anything that touches the floor is either plywood or solid wood (toe kicks, fridge gables, end gables, etc.), to make more water durable.

  • 3/4″ thick, minimum, fridge gables and plant-ons.  

  • Fillers are used only where necessary in corners and against walls – all custom size cabinets means we don’t have to use fillers very often.

  • Sink cabinet bottom shelves are plywood and laminated for water durability.

  • We use high quality hardware, every time.

  • We meet the builder/general and other trades on site to ensure each project is laid out accurately.

  • Finishing:  We hand-sand each piece and use custom stains that are spray and wipe, solvent-based product.  This creates a durable, high quality finish and ensures colour pigment reaches all the cracks and crevices.    

  • Custom options:  We can build nearly anything a customer imagines or desires, creatively sourcing materials and meeting customers needs and expectations.



We embarked on a major kitchen renovation commencing in January of 2019. We wanted quality kitchen cabinets using solid plywood boxes, top of the line hardware, quartz countertops all done in shaker style off -white. We researched numerous cabinet shops and had narrowed our choices down to two cabinet shops in Kamloops. Then a friend of ours recommended Massey Cabinetry from White Lake.

I contacted a builder from the North Shore area and asked for his opinion of Massey Cabinetry. His exact words were “if you use Troy you will not be disappointed – he does exceptional work”.

We set up a meeting at the Massey Cabinetry shop, drove to White Lake and met with Troy. He took the time to go through his shop with us and showed us the construction methods he uses for the boxes, the drawers, the hardware and the finishing process in his spray booth. We were there for over two hours. I was very impressed with the time he took with us and the detail provided. It became very clear that we had found the Cabinet Maker we were searching for. Then and there my wife and I decided to hire Troy. The single best choice I have ever made in hiring a contractor.

Troy came to our home measured up our kitchen. Understood exactly what we wanted and drew up the kitchen plans. We laid out a schedule and he did exactly what he said he was going do when he said he was going to do it. Showed up as scheduled – with an amazing crew. The quality of the construction and the installation cannot be over emphasized! It was absolutely perfect in every aspect. They were courteous, professional and extremely efficient. The attention to detail and craftsmenship was exceptional.

When the countertop contractor arrived to measure the kitchen, he knew Troy was our cabinet maker. “You will have no issues with your countertops Troy’s work is perfectly level and square”.

Sure enough the countertops fit perfectly and the installation was seamless. If anyone reading this is considering building a new home or redoing their kitchen save yourselves a lot of time and worry and meet with Massey Cabinetry. If you would like to see Troy’s finished work we would be more than happy to show you our kitchen.

P.S. If you hire Massey Cabinetry you will not be disappointed.


As soon as we decided to build we knew that we wanted to work with Troy and Carmen for all of our cabinetry. Right from our first consultation we were impressed with Troy’s ability to take our very basic ideas and sketch them out right on the workbench to show us how everything would fit together. Troy and Carmen both had great suggestions that came from years of experience.

The basic design came together very quickly and then Troy worked patiently with us while we figured out the details. He came to the site multiple times to lay everything out so that we could decide exactly where we wanted everything and make the best use of our space.  We were able to come up with lots of ideas to save space and really personalize the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms for us.

When it came time to choose the cabinet colour I didn’t realize how many versions of “white” there are. Troy sent us home with lots of samples and multiple colour swatch wheels. Once we had it narrowed down to a few choices he patiently worked on different blends until it was just right. My husband and I both went to the shop to go through all of the options for the grey stain on the island and once again Troy came through with the perfect combination of colours and processes for us.

We always felt comfortable to bounce ideas off of them and ask lots of questions. When the install day arrived Troy and his crew were very careful to protect the new flooring as they unloaded all of the cabinetry and moved it around. We were at the house quite a bit during install and Troy and Eric were always so friendly. They did an amazing job with the construction and installation, we couldn’t be happier with our cabinetry! No detail was overlooked and everything fits together exactly as it should. We made some changes throughout the process but in the end the final price was very close to our initial quote which was very important to us.  I would absolutely recommend Massey Cabinetry to anyone that is renovating or building!

Troy did all of the cabinetry work at the Salmar Grand Cinemas when we undertook a massive renovation of the lobby. His design, quality, timeliness and the efficiency of his team were incredible, making the complete transition from our old concession to our new one seamless. Troy and his team were so organized that we did not have to close our concession for even one night. It was remarkable! The cabinets are beautiful and Troy’s help in figuring out the most efficient use of space was invaluable. I highly recommend Massey Cabinetry!